Helpful Hints for Your Best Headshot!  

FOR MEN:  A jacket is preferred (blue, black or grey), but not required to make a great headshot;  a white undershirt can be worn underneath a dress shirt or polo, but definitely not a black one. 

FOR WOMEN:  Avoid overly glossy or shimmery makeup, as it will catch the light and be a distraction. Use powder to eliminate a shine, and if you normally don't wear makeup, your pictures will look a LOT better if you at least apply a light foundation. This helps even out the skin tone and makes it much easier to edit in post-processing.  

FOR EVERYONE:  Because you are representing your business, you want to convey the best impression; wear an outfit that speaks to your professionalism and the level of service that you provide to your clients. Keep it classic, simple and clean, PEOPLE!   :)

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