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Ava Kelsie
Strategic Brand Marketing Specialist
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Ava Kelsie
Strategic Brand Marketing Specialist
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Ava Kelsie
Strategic Brand Marketing Specialist
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Ava Kelsie
Strategic Brand Marketing Specialist
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Ava Kelsie
Strategic Brand Marketing Specialist

Let's Develop Your Excellence Together!

Elevate your leadership brand and social media presence with my expert support. Together, we will strategically demonstrate leadership in your field, increase your brand recognition, execute a hyper-efficient social media strategy, grow an engaged community on social media, and so much more.

Hi! I'm Ava Kelsie, & I'm So Glad You're Here.

I founded Kelsie & Kiln in partnership with Syringa Media for one simple reason: To lead, serve, and transform the brands of impactful service providers JUST LIKE YOU. Simply put, strategic brand marketing is the fuel to which an intention can spark a revolution. It’s my mission to light that spark.

Brand Strategy Services:

I work with both emerging and established service providers. Together, we transform stale and outdated brands into industry leaders with lasting legacies. My comprehensive process combines a visionary analysis, strategic plan, and growth execution to create effective and bespoke brand experiences.

Social Media Services:

In addition to brand strategy, I work with service providers to curate and manage captivating social media presences. This process consists of multi-platform marketing, content strategy, content creation, community growth, comprehensive reporting, and continuous refinement as necessary.

Why Work With Me?

Throughout my 5 years as a professional in this rapidly evolving industry, I've cultivated skills collaborating with startups and small businesses across diverse sectors such as the SaaS, luxury real estate, and marketing agency spaces. My Bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial marketing and management, complemented by leadership roles within award-winning agencies (local and regional), speaks to my expertise in the space.

Curious to Learn More?

Feel free to shoot me an email! You can reach me at avakelsie@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns that you'd like to chat through without inquiring to work with me just yet. I'd be happy to discuss anything you may be curious about! 

Inquire to Work Together:

If you’re ready to elevate your brand strategy and social media to its highest potential, I’m currently accepting clients. Based on your personal preferences, there are two ways that you can inquire to work with me:

01. Apply for my services here. 
02. Book a complimentary consultation call here.

Once I receive your application or complete our call, I will review and follow up with you via email. If it's a fit, you can expect to find a custom proposal curated by me for your business. If it's not a fit, no worries! I will refer you based on who I believe could be.

Location for On-Site Projects in the Treasure Valley:

I'm centrally located in downtown Boise. I'm available to be on-site given a notice of no less than 48 hours.

Pricing & Package Information for Social Media Services:

I offer 3 packages. For custom or additional requests, my hourly rate applies. View my pricing sheet here.

A Handcrafted Custom Proposal Specifically for Your Business:

After your application or consultation, you'll receive a custom proposal. View a sample proposal here.

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